Rita Marchetti


With a PhD in Nutrition and Health from Newport University,
USA, Rita Marchetti has dedicated her working life to food 
intolerances since 1982. She completed her specialist 
training at the Los Angeles Food Allergy Center before 
returning to encourage take-up of the Prime Test for 
food intolerances in Italy and other European countries.
She has trained staff at the major test laboratories and 
research centres in how to perform the test correctly and 
provide nutritional advice based on it.
She has spoken at numerous food and nutrition conferences,
including by invitation at the World Nutrition Congress
in Barcelona in conjunction with the 1992 Olympics, 
on "the marathon runner's diet". She oversees the Quality
Longevity programme devised by researcher Mark Lovendale
and has translated many of his articles.
She recommends the programme to her patients 
as a way to enjoy excellent health and to feel ever youthful
by eliminating the causes of most health problems and
their symptoms, thus boosting energy and wellbeing.