All that exists is made of a subtle energy that emits a vibration. We too emit vibrations, and we interact with the energy of the people, animals, plants and objects around us. When we come into contact with a negative energy vibration, the resulting imbalance weakens us. If neglected, this state creates physical and physiological disharmony, causing disorders, disease and pain.

Our medical centre offers an exclusive Bach flowers and Chromoson therapy. This very powerful natural treatment alters or eliminates negative vibrations and releases positive energy, restoring balance, serenity, good humour and therefore health.

Using sounds, colours and vibrations, the Chromoson gathers positive energy and distributes it in the body's various systems and energy channels. The Bach flowers work on the emotions of the present and the past, overcoming emotional blocks and restoring inner harmony.

Combining the Chromoson and Bach flowers in a single treatment helps you re-establish your energy balance, strengthen your body and acquire inner peace. It is a reawakening, a way to rediscover inner calm and an awareness of your existence on earth.