Our centre brings you a variety of treatments from an array of disciplines, provided by friendly, reliable and highly qualified people.

 There is close cooperation among the various specialist, in a continual cross-fertilisation between different professionals. We aim to offer the best treatment for you as a whole person, not just the bit that hurts, to tackle the root of your problems and restore you to full vigour and wellbeing.



A science based on the study of muscular, skeletal and nervous system disorders, and the effects these alterations can have on a person's health.


Rehabilitation of occlusal and masticatory function with orthognathodontics. Surgery and prosthetics to re-establish a correct neuromuscular balance of the stomatognathic apparatus.


Diagnosis and treatment - both surgical and non-surgical - of problems with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves and soft tissue trauma (orthoplasty).

Dynamic Examination of the Feet

The data collected through a baropodometric platform are used to make insoles that correct the position and function of the foot in space.


We formulate suitable food diets for the individual person, taking into account his or her physiological or pathological characteristics and lifestyle, in order to ensure the best possible state of health.